We are looking to establish a series of long-term partnerships with businesses and corporations to enable us to fund the roll-out of Better Planet Schools across the UK, providing 20,000 primary schools with completely free access to the programme. This is where you come in...

Content created by environmental education experts, together with supporting videos from celebrity supporters, inspirational adventurers, leading scientists and active environmentalists is what Better Planet Schools is all about.

We are offering a series of bespoke sponsorship packages that can be tailored to maximise the return on your investment. Packages range from providing overall support for the whole initiative to working on individual terms, or even on helping us to deliver a specific set of materials (e.g. funding a set of educational videos or donating prizes to participating schools for completing their challenges).

The initiative is a way for sponsors to directly provide the next generation with critical learning opportunities to help manage the constantly changing needs of the environment and positively contribute to the health of our planet.

We have a wide range of opportunities available for companies of all sizes, local councils, grant-making trusts and even private individuals. To find out more, please contact us.

We've been delighted with the quality of school engagement that's been delivered. We've seen first hand how children's behaviour extends to their families, creating bigger impacts.