About Better Planet Schools

Better Planet Schools is an online environmental education programme that aims to engage students and teachers in exciting projects to address key issues like single use plastics, waste and recycling and creating new habitats for wildlife to thrive. The programme is designed to grow each academic year, introducing new study modules. Each study module lasts a school term so that children and schools can be engaged year after year in learning more about key environmental issues and how they can make a difference with their actions.

The Young People's Trust for the Environment has developed Better Planet Schools so that we can provide primary schools across the UK with access to complete environmental education programmes for the whole academic year. We are grateful to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council for their support.

Energy & Climate Change

Find out about energy savings, how your school can cut its carbon emissions and what we can do to help tackle the future impacts of climate change.

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Plastic & Waste

Discover how your school can go single use plastic free, increase recycling rates and help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our ocean.

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Nature & Biodiversity

Learn about local and global wildlife, showing how you can enhance biodiversity within your school grounds and support conservation projects locally and globally.

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