Better Planet Schools has an interactive website that has been designed exclusively for teachers in participating schools to access. We regularly upload new content, ranging from lesson plans, assembly activities and new educational materials that teachers can download for free. In addition, we send emails directly to the inboxes of lead teachers at participating schools, with links to videos filmed by celebrities and leading environmentalists who will set new challenges for pupils to tackle.

To find out more about how your school can take part, please contact us.

The initiative has been absolutely brilliant for our school. It has allowed us to access wonderful lesson plans and activities that have helped inspire all of our pupils to think about their energy use.

Nicola Murray-Morris (Year 3 Teaching Staff) Chalkwell Hall Junior School, Essex (who have reduced their energy usage by 15% as a direct result of Better Planet Schools)

The project has really got the children talking about environmental issues. They are much better informed, have access to brilliant research and materials that allow them to understand the facts properly.